5 ways Magento hosting can boost your ecommerce sales

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5 ways Magneto hosting can boost your ecommerce sales

If you are in the ecommerce business having a website that is accessible and easy to use is incredibly important to your sales. With Magento, a leader in Ecommerce hosting, you can trust the website for your business is in good hands.

Magento allows you to create a user friendly website where customers can locate, view and purchase your products with relative ease. Magento offers this service at a very affordable rate and you can make use of a variety of features and scripts to get the most out of the web-design package they offer.

Web design can be a difficult skill to master, but Magento alleviate this difficulty by enabling you to create the exact design you want for your ecommerce website and also implement the features you would like it to have. The brains at Yoma, the Magento agency in London and Liverpool, are experts in this field and have summed up some features Magento offers to make the process of optimising your website far less complex than it needs to be.

Simple checkout process

If buying something on a website turns into a long and arduous process, people simply won’t bother. Magento offers a one-step checkout process, so customers won’t be rolling their eyes clicking through multiple screens to get what they came for. This process is achieved by combining several important processes into the single stage. You will notice an increase in sales as well as conversion rates as people will appreciate the simplicity your site offers.

Optimised for all devices

Long gone are the days of simply viewing websites from desktop computers. Nowadays potential customers will visit your site from several different devices, such as mobile phones or tablets, and it’s your responsibility to make sure it runs as smooth as it would on a desktop. Magento websites can cope with the demands of any device and help to correctly display your website to accommodate a full user experience for every visitor to your site.

Provides SEO benefits

Making sure your website is optimised for search engines is paramount to getting traffic to your site and getting those all-important sales. Using the correct keywords on your site for potential customers to find you is pivotal and Magento offers an extension whereby you can transform complicated long tail keywords into shorter ones. Making the process of SEO far easier and more organic, thus making your website easier to access and navigate by both users and search engines.


Often you will find that, for whatever reason, customers will often leave your website while still in the checkout process – it should be common practice to send a follow-up form to these customers to find out what the problem was. Magento offers a solution to this, whereby customers are tracked when they visit your site and allow you to contact them should they leave your site mid-shop.

Go global

If you want your business to sell to an international audience, it is important that your website can be adapted to various languages. Luckily, Magento offers features which can customise the language of your site by tracking the geographical location from where the visitor is accessing your site. This excellent feature enables visitors from across the globe to be able to access your site and will give you an international scope.
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